You’re My (Cyano)type

I love art and I’m always experimenting with new art processes and materials.  Recently I’ve gotten really into something called cyanotype printing.  It’s a really cool and unusual process that creates beautiful blue images.  Here are a few of the ocean-themed works that I’ve produced recently:

Okay so a bit about the process:

  1. Take an awesome photo (I love the water so it makes sense that most all of mine are water-related!).
  2. Import the photo into your computer and open it in photoshop.
  3. Convert the photo into an inverted black and white picture and print it on negative paper.
  4. Now you need paper that’s treated with cyanotype.  There’s a couple of ways to do this: you can either buy pre-treated paper online or you can treat the paper yourself.  I use untreated watercolor paper and coat the paper with the cyanotype mixture (a combination of ammonium iron and potassium ferricyanide).
  5. Make sure whichever paper you use does not come in contact with any sunlight until it’s ready to be exposed in the sun!
  6. Lay your negative on top of your paper and bring it outside into the sunshine to expose it.  Leave it outside for around 10 minutes.
  7. Bring the paper inside and rinse it off.  The goal is to wash off any unexposed cyanotype treatment.
  8. Let it dry and you have your print!

So it all sounds sort of simple right?  Well maybe not that simple..and it definitely takes a lot of trial and error!  I think I went through around 20 pieces of paper just to get four images that were coated and exposed correctly.  Even though it’s a time (and money!) consuming process, I love the results!

Because I love this process so much and the images that come out of it I’ve decided to sell some of my artwork!  Some of my prints are currently available at a local favorite, ESC Limited, in Bermuda.  ESC Limited has a home division called Escape with an amazing mixture of island inspired and trendy home goods.  I’m honored to have my work featured in such a great store.  If anyone wants to check out some of my cyanotype prints, they are located at ESC on 4 Mill Creek Road.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg





Beautiful Bermuda

So last weekend I went home for a couple of days and I got lucky because the weather was so wonderful!  I took some time for myself and went exploring on the east end of the island.  I went to St. Georges and then went on a beach walk at one of my favorite places in St. Davids, Coopers Island.  I took my iPhone and the case that I have on it is a Hitcase.  The company comes with a lot of different lenses that you can attach so I decided to try out the really wide angle one!  Here’s a few photos to show just how truly beautiful and special Bermuda is!

Dana Cooper – Bermudaful Beachwear


Bermudian Model: Sara Fitzsimmons

Bermuda is covered in exotic flowers and surrounded by gorgeous waters and blue skies; it’s no surprise where the term ‘Bermudaful’ comes from!  It’s an amazing place to draw inspiration from, which is exactly how Dana Cooper formed the pieces in her collection!  Dana Cooper was born and raised in Bermuda and creates chic and luxurious resort wear.  Her prints feature tropical imagery such as hibiscus flowers and vibrant colors.  Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or enjoying an amazing view over brunch, Dana Cooper is the luxurious resort wear that you need. With a background in illustration, Dana began her collection by seeing how her illustrations could translate onto fabrics.  Dana remarks of her initial design process and drawing inspiration from Bermuda’s scenery, “Thinking of a simple design, on a light cotton fabric that would be worn on the beach, I thought immediately of Bermuda.  My mind went to the beaches back home, the t12697405_942015015887033_2828873476375901418_o.jpgurquoise waters that surround Bermuda and Bay Grape Trees along the South Shore. I wanted to create bold shapes”.  Dana Cooper has used a mixture of luxurious fabrics, light enough for use on the beach.  She has previously used silks, chiffons, and cottons.  Currently, Dana is focusing on designing on an SPF +50 fabric.  This fabric is amazing because it allows the wearer all day sun protection and it can even dry quickly after getting wet!  Coming from Bermuda, I know that having sun protection and water resistance is a must when venturing to the beach for the day.  This fabric makes the items both stylish  as well as functional for vacationing in island climates.

Everyday I’m continued to be amazed by all of the amazing projects and companies coming out of Bermuda.  Despite our island being a mere 21 square miles, it has given rise to so many talented and successful individuals!  Last summer, I had the opportunity to model part of Dana Cooper’s collection and was impressed by her deliberate choice to use Bermudian models and photographers.  Dana remarks on her choice to use Bermudian models, “I like to use Bermudian models as much as possible. They are accustomed to Bermuda and life on the island and so wearing and posing in my pieces is a natural fit”.  Dana Cooper may have started in Bermuda but her collection has reached a much wider audience of resort and beach goers.  Her collection has sold in stores such as Calypso St. Barts, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Ritz Carlton Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels.  If you’re from Bermuda, then don’t worry you can still find these pieces on island at A.S. Coopers, Coral Beach Club and Luxury Gifts at Rosewood Tuckers Point.  If you would prefer to shop online, then you can learn more about the company and shop here!

“I love Bermuda and want to have it featured in my line whenever I can. My pieces are Bermuda inspired, so it makes sense” – Dana Cooper


Bermudian Photographer: Todd Martin

Hurray for Coupons!

Okay so I’m an ambassador for a few companies that I absolutely love!  I want to support and promote products that I actually like and not because I’m told to.  That being said, anything I talk about is because I want to and anything I say is authentic.  A lot of people have asked me which companies I promote and have my own coupon codes for so I figured I would make a list!  When checking out, you can fill out my code to receive your discount!

Happy shopping!


Sand Cloud Towels


  • Turkish beach towels
  • Donates 10% of profits to protecting marine life
  • Code: ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order
  • Shop here



  • Beach branded clothes & accessories
  • Code: ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order
  • Shop here

Blue Planet Eyewear


  • Sunglasses made from eco-friendly & sustainable materials
  • For every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is given to someone in need
  • Code: ALAIRE20 for 20% off your order
  • Shop here

Teds Revival Oil

image1 (1).jpg

  • Organic oil for your hair
  • Donates 3% of profits to the Rain Forest Alliance
  • Code: ALAIRE10 for 10% off your order
  • Shop here

Lost At Sea Swimwear


  • Cute swimwear in tons of prints & colors
  • Donates 40% of profits to missions in the Dominican Republic
  • Code: ALAIRE15 for 15% off your order
  • Shop here


Who They Are

Shopping for the man in your life can be hard but if your man loves the water and the outdoors, then Bermies is the perfect gift!  Bermies is a new line of swimwear born in my hometown of Bermuda.  This brand is close to my heart since it pays tribute to the island of Bermuda and its beauty.  This line uses bright colors and patterns inspired by Bermuda’s beautiful waters and pink sand beaches.  They have a wide range of patterns including sharks, turtles, sailboats, and maps of Bermuda.  Their shorts are cut a bit shorter than the classic board short (available in two different lengths) for the confident man to show off.  They are flexible, breathable, and quick-drying.


The Bermies man is someone who loves adventure and lives life to the fullest.  Men have been seen wearing these awesome shorts all around the world from surfing in Bali to sailing in Bermuda.  If you want to follow their efforts and be a part of their community you can follow their Instagram account (@bermies) where customers from around the world are featured.


Sustainability & Giving Back

I really value environmental conservation and I spend lots of my time outdoors.  In particular, I think that the ocean’s worth is too often underestimated.  From a very young age I have been extremely interested in the ocean and have developed a passion for learning about it and wanting to protect it.  The awesome thing about Bermies is that they share that same passion for the ocean!  A big problem that faces our oceans is that plastic pollution and debris is being eaten by seabirds, whales, sea turtles, and other marine life.  In order to help our oceans, Bermies donates 10% of its profits to help clean up our oceans as well as protect marine life.  They work with The Ocean Cleanup, which is a Dutch non-profit organization whose efforts are focused towards reducing plastic pollution.  Bermies also works with Ocean Conservancy, which is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group that helps formulate ocean policy.


Learn more about them & check out their swimwear:  Bermies

Watch the video below to learn more about this awesome brand and if you want to pledge to help them kickstart the company, you can donate here: BermiesKickstarter  Depending how much you pledge, you can receive free merchandise or even get a pair of Bermies for as low as $25!

Novah Swimwear – A Bermuda Born Company

I was born in Bermuda and spend most of my time on or in the water.  Since I love the ocean and swimming, most of my fashion and shopping obsessions are bikinis.  My favorite swimwear line is by far Novah Swimwear and it helps that the line was born from the dream of Bermudian native, Madeline White.  Madeline draws her inspiration from countless days spent in Bermuda’s beautiful ocean and a love for the sea.  Novah Swimwear embodies the lifestyle of the carefree girl whose ideal life would be spent in a bikini traveling and exploring.  The company has built a strong following on social media, and girls from around the world are raving about their suits.  I love that, despite this popularity, Madeline stays true to her roots and often features models from Bermuda.


Rocking my Novah bikini in Galaxy print!

Their prints are so unique and the cut of their swimsuits are perfect for any adventurous activities.  The fabrics used are extremely high quality and I’ve noticed that my swimsuits have kept their color and shape throughout many uses.  What I love most about these swimsuits is how easy they are to mix and match.  A lot of their tops and bottoms have the same color options so you can choose a favorite color or pattern and then mix and match which styles you like best.

image1 (1)

Their sizing runs fairly true to size but you can size down if you’d like a more snug fit.  For reference, I am a 32C bust and wear pant size 25-26 inch.  I’ve found I like to wear an XS top and Small bottoms but can go either way between the two sizes.

Check them out here: Novah Swimwear

I love all of the great companies that are coming out of Bermuda and I also love when beautiful Bermudians are featured!  I’m excited to see what more is going to come out of our amazing island!


Teds Revival Oil

I’ve spent my last three summers in Bermuda working on a boat being exposed to the sun and salt water every day.  As if that wasn’t bad enough for my hair I also spent years dying it so it’s safe to say my hair is pretty damaged.  I haven’t dyed my hair in almost two years and I am always looking for great products to repair my damaged hair, which is how I stumbled across Teds Revival Oil.

For reference this is my hair type:

  • Type: Very fine
  • Color: Dirty blonde, dyed my hair for many years but haven’t in almost 2 years
  • Issues: Easily breaks, thin, split ends
  • Damage from: hair dye, sun exposure, salt water

Teds Revival Oil is made from 100% organic & vegan ingredients with some of them including coconut oil, lavender oil, organ oil & shea butter.  It’s recommended for all hair types and is supposed to calm & sooth the scalp while promoting hair growth.  I love companies that not only use natural & organic materials but also give back to the environment.  Teds does both, which is amazing!  With every purchase 3% is donated to the Rain Forest Alliance.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.24.54 AM.png

To Use:

  • Apply a quarter-sized amount to ends & scalp
  • Focus on dry & problem areas
  • Keep the treatment in for 5-20 minutes
  • Rinse hair

If you want to use it for everyday use, then you can apply it to your ends & problem areas on damp hair & leave in for the day.  I’ve just started using it & it already makes my hair feel so soft & manageable!  I’m going to be updating with a before & after post after I’ve been using it for a while!

When ordering, use the code ALAIRE10 for 10% off your order!


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.04.18 AM.png