You’re My (Cyano)type

I love art and I’m always experimenting with new art processes and materials.  Recently I’ve gotten really into something called cyanotype printing.  It’s a really cool and unusual process that creates beautiful blue images.  Here are a few of the ocean-themed works that I’ve produced recently:

Okay so a bit about the process:

  1. Take an awesome photo (I love the water so it makes sense that most all of mine are water-related!).
  2. Import the photo into your computer and open it in photoshop.
  3. Convert the photo into an inverted black and white picture and print it on negative paper.
  4. Now you need paper that’s treated with cyanotype.  There’s a couple of ways to do this: you can either buy pre-treated paper online or you can treat the paper yourself.  I use untreated watercolor paper and coat the paper with the cyanotype mixture (a combination of ammonium iron and potassium ferricyanide).
  5. Make sure whichever paper you use does not come in contact with any sunlight until it’s ready to be exposed in the sun!
  6. Lay your negative on top of your paper and bring it outside into the sunshine to expose it.  Leave it outside for around 10 minutes.
  7. Bring the paper inside and rinse it off.  The goal is to wash off any unexposed cyanotype treatment.
  8. Let it dry and you have your print!

So it all sounds sort of simple right?  Well maybe not that simple..and it definitely takes a lot of trial and error!  I think I went through around 20 pieces of paper just to get four images that were coated and exposed correctly.  Even though it’s a time (and money!) consuming process, I love the results!

Because I love this process so much and the images that come out of it I’ve decided to sell some of my artwork!  Some of my prints are currently available at a local favorite, ESC Limited, in Bermuda.  ESC Limited has a home division called Escape with an amazing mixture of island inspired and trendy home goods.  I’m honored to have my work featured in such a great store.  If anyone wants to check out some of my cyanotype prints, they are located at ESC on 4 Mill Creek Road.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg





Doodles for the Sea Contest & My Custom Doodle

So one of my favorite humans, Gabs Dormio (also known as the Instagram account Doodles for the Sea) is hosting a contest for an amazing cause. She is so talented and creates custom doodles on top of images, which are absolutely beautiful!

The contest is to win a Samsung Red WB1100F Camera.  The first 25 people to purchase a custom doodle for the low price of $10 will be entered to win the camera!  What’s even better is that all of the money gets donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.  To enter, go to her website ChildoftheSea and purchase a custom doodle; just use the code CONTEST when you check out!  Hurry there aren’t that many spots left!  Good luck to anyone who enters (but not too much luck because I really want to win haha)!

Here’s the one she made for me, which is so rad.  I love this photo I think it shows how truly happy I am when I’m in the water and her drawing just made it so much better!


Artsy Fartsy Art Major

Okay so I just started my last ever semester of college, which is crazy!! I can’t even believe it.  I have so many things going on this semester but something I’m so excited about is that I get to work on a Digital Art project for my final project for my Studio Art major.   The best thing about it is that it will be on exhibition for a week!  The piece will be an installation with projections of videos and sounds on the walls.

It’ll be based on the video piece that I made below.  It was so fun to film all the underwater footage and combine my love for the water with my love for Digital Art.

I’m so excited to continue working on it the next couple of months!  Stay tuned for the final product!



Doodles for the Sea

I am officially obsessed with Gabs Dormio and her site Doodles for the Sea.  She is an environmentalist and artist who combines her two loves to create custom made doodles hand-drawn on photoshop over beach/island/ocean themed images.  You can choose which image you want her to doodle over and pay $10 and send the money and picture to her so she can make a rad design.  This all sounds cool right?  Well it gets even better: ALL the proceeds are donated to Wildlife Conservation Society; an organization that uses science to protect and save wildlife & wild lands throughout our world.  This girl has some seriously good vibes.

Stay posted!  I’lll write a follow-up post after I send in an image to be doodled on!

Here is the link to her blog where you can learn more about her and her work & purchase a doodle:

Child of the Sea