Visualizing Change with Blue Planet Eyewear

Visualizing Change with Blue Planet Eyewear

There seems to be a growing awareness among companies to focus on the ethics of their products.  Fashion is moving in a direction of maximising benefits to people and communities while minimising the impact on the environment.  More companies are creating items that focus on the environmental impact of the materials and ways to give back.image.JPG

I am authentic in brands that I support and I’m proud to be an ambassador for an amazing sunglasses company, Blue Planet Eyewear. Blue Planet Eyewear is an amazing example of a brand that embodies all the traits of ethical fashion. I’ve come to really admire the founders of this company for creating sunglasses that not only look good but do good for the Planet. Their designs are inspired by the beautiful planet and lifestyle. The color tones are inspired by nature and their surroundings.

According to founder, Connor Weinstein, “the most important elements are designing something that we would want to wear, making sure they are comfortable and lastly creating a unique personality for each style of glasses”. The main thing that drew me to this brand is that their glasses are made from sustainable materials. Recycled plastic and metals are used in their Eco Process line and natural bamboo, beechwood, and rosewood are featured in their other lines.

Another aspect that differentiates Blue Planet Eyewear is their commitment to give back to the community through their Visualize Change program.  It is estimated that 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide and that the right eyewear can prevent or cure approximately 80 percent of all visual impairment.  Blue Planet Eyewear partners with renowned humanitarian organisations to be able to donate a pair of glasses for every frame purchased.  Weinstein states, in a nutshell, I suppose the Visualize Change program can be summed up as, “to see change, you need to be the change,” similar to the Ghandi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I am excited to continue to be an ambassador for Blue Planet Eyewear and hope to share this amazing company with you as well!

You can shop their products by following this link and using my code ALAIRE20 to get 20% off your order!






How to Deal with Plastic in Bermuda

This post is something that means a lot to me and hopefully can be helpful.  Many  Bermudians realize that Bermuda does not recycle plastic.  When I’ve looked into this issue, I’ve gotten a range of responses saying it’s too expensive, we don’t have enough space on the island for a recycling plant or that burning plastic is actually better for our planet (umm?).  Regardless of the reason, it seems that we’re not going to implement a plastic recycling plan anytime soon so in the meantime it’s important to try to REDUCE our use of plastic.  I’m outlining some ideas of how to get Bermudians involved and aware about plastic consumption.

1.  Say NO to plastic bags

  • Many cities and towns in the United States have placed charges or outright banned plastic bags.  While this is not the case in Bermuda (yet??) consumers can do our own part to reduce15626572_1613080358999348_4280952232082670923_o.jpghow many plastic bags we use.  The best way to reduce your plastic bag usage is by bringing your own bag when you shop!  My favourite local company for reusable tote bags is Bermunitees – their merchandise will guarantee to make you proud to be Bermudian!  To make it even better, some of their proceeds go towards local charities.


2.  Support local ‘green’ businesses 

  • There are quite a few businesses and companies that have taken the initiative to ‘go green’ and make the effort to provide eco services that the consumer can feel good about!  Nonna’s Kitchen encourages people to reuse bags by charging a small fee for single-use bags provided by the restaurant.  Nonna’s Kitchen is the first business in Bermuda to adopt this initiative!  The money from the bag charge will be used to plant endemic trees in Bermuda’s nature reserves.  Rock Island Coffee also offers a discount for anyone that orders coffee or tea and brings their own reusable coffee cup.  Take the initiative to find out what sort of green efforts your favourite local companies are making and encourage them to become more eco-friendly!

3.   Say NO to plastic straws

  • Oh man I can’t even handle how bad and wasteful plastic straws are.  While plastic bags are bad, there is sometimes hope that people may reuse them but plastic straws are almost never reused (it’s practically impossible/ unhygienicProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetto do so).  You can either avoid using straws all together or if you’re like me and you feel your drink just tastes that much better out of a straw, you can bring your own!  Luckily there’s companies out there that sell reusable straws!  This one is a little harder to get into the habit of but once you’re used to it, it’s super easy to remember and make an impact.  Salt and Cedar sells glass reusable straws (the one pictured here) and they can be delivered anywhere on the island!

4.  Reuse your take-out containers

  • So this is one I’ve gotten a few weird looks for but it’s definitely worth it and people are starting to catch on!  Instead of throwing out your plastic containers, wash them out and bring them back to put your next take-out meal in them.  You can also use them for leftovers at home instead of buying new containers.

5. Buy a reusable water bottle

  • One of the best ways to reduce plastic use is by not using disposable bottled water.  Water is a life source so why are we even paying for it in the first place??  Tap water in Bermuda is perfectly safe to drink since we’ve perfected the system of catching fresh water on our rooftops.  Instead of buying bottled water, you can buy reusable bottles and refill them.  There’s a few stores in Bermuda that sell reusable water bottles that are not only good for the environment but look good too!  There’s a couple great places on the island to get reusable water bottles.  ESC Limited sells Corksicle Bottles and Atelerie sells S’well Bottles – I have to admit I can’t decide which is better so I own both in different sizes!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


I hope this list helps Bermudians to change some habits and reduce their use of plastic!  If any readers know of or are involved in any eco-friendly or plastic-reducing initiatives please comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear!



Spring Essentials

I can’t believe it’s already April!  I spent the day tanning outside with my roommates and enjoying the warm weather.  I decided now that it’s starting to get so nice out to put together a list of my spring-must-haves.  Whether I’m on spring break, tanning outside, or just enjoying the changing seasons – these are all my essentials!


Here’s the breakdown of everything on my must-have list:


IMG_7056Lost At Sea Swimwear: I love this brand and they donate 40% of their profits to missions in the Dominican Republic to help provide clean water, nutrition & more.  These bright colors are great for the summer and their suits come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.  You can use my code ALAIRE15 for 15% off!



IMG_8589 (1)Novah Swimwear: Novah is a Bermudian brand and they make amazing swimsuits.  All of their suits come in great patterns and colors and they’re all so comfortable.  The material is really great and durable, I would definitely recommend their swimsuits to last through the summers!



Clothes & Shoes:

il_fullxfull.471796659_7qc3.jpgHigh wasted jean shorts: This is an absolute staple of mine!  I love having a pair on hand since they’re comfortable, durable, and go with everything.  I bought the pair in my original picture from a second-hand store, which is where I would definitely recommend getting a pair from!  Mine have studs on the pockets which is super easy to do yourself and adds a bit of edge to the shorts.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.28.18 PM (1)

Sabo Skirt Crop Top:  Now that it’s time to show a bit more skin, that means it’s time to break out the crop tops!  I love this one from Australian company, Sabo Skirt.  Their clothes are so cute, I don’t think there’s anything on their website I don’t like!




tumblr_o2ynkzYKKb1txbppfo1_500Lace Bralette: Lace bralettes are so handy!  They are so much more comfortable than a regular bra and way cuter.  I think they’re great for spring and summer because you can wear them under any tanks!  I buy mine from Urban Outfitters because they’re not badly priced ($20) and have a soft lining on the inside to make them even more comfortable!




Sandals: Spring and summer calls for letting your feet out of hiding and wearing some open toed shoes.  I love to have a comfy pair of sandals that don’t require any straps.  I actually bought these from Target and I was surprised by how cute, comfortable, and durable they are!  I love them so much that I have them in gold and black!




Gigi New York Clutch: Spring calls for bright pops of color and Gigi New York makes beautiful bags in a range of colors.  I love having bringing my clutch everywhere I go, especially since I don’t usually wear color.  It can be dressed up and taken on a night out or thrown into a beach bag!


Sand Cloud Towel:  Everyone needs a towel to lay on if they’re outside tanning or going to the beach.  My favorite company is Sand Cloud, a turkish towel company that donates 10% of their profits to helping marine life.  You can use my code ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order!

Hair Care:

41WCNQBxpML._SY355_One n Only Argan Oil Thermal Spray:  Now that the sun is shining and more time can be spent outside, your hair will be exposed to the suns damaging rays more.  It’s important to protect your hair from the sun to avoid any harm or breakage.  I love argan oil for my hair so when I saw that One n Only made an organ oil thermal spray to protect hair from heat I was so excited!


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.01.55 PM (1).jpgTeds Revival Oil:  Teds Revival Oil is made of all natural and organic ingredients that are great for your hair.  It protects hair from UV rays as well as repairs already damaged hair.  What’s even better is that they donate 3% of the proceeds from every bottle sold to the Rainforest Alliance.  You can use my code ALAIRE10 for 10% off!



Hope you enjoy all my spring must-haves!  Comment any questions or some of your spring must-haves, I’d love to hear them!



Dana Cooper – Bermudaful Beachwear


Bermudian Model: Sara Fitzsimmons

Bermuda is covered in exotic flowers and surrounded by gorgeous waters and blue skies; it’s no surprise where the term ‘Bermudaful’ comes from!  It’s an amazing place to draw inspiration from, which is exactly how Dana Cooper formed the pieces in her collection!  Dana Cooper was born and raised in Bermuda and creates chic and luxurious resort wear.  Her prints feature tropical imagery such as hibiscus flowers and vibrant colors.  Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or enjoying an amazing view over brunch, Dana Cooper is the luxurious resort wear that you need. With a background in illustration, Dana began her collection by seeing how her illustrations could translate onto fabrics.  Dana remarks of her initial design process and drawing inspiration from Bermuda’s scenery, “Thinking of a simple design, on a light cotton fabric that would be worn on the beach, I thought immediately of Bermuda.  My mind went to the beaches back home, the t12697405_942015015887033_2828873476375901418_o.jpgurquoise waters that surround Bermuda and Bay Grape Trees along the South Shore. I wanted to create bold shapes”.  Dana Cooper has used a mixture of luxurious fabrics, light enough for use on the beach.  She has previously used silks, chiffons, and cottons.  Currently, Dana is focusing on designing on an SPF +50 fabric.  This fabric is amazing because it allows the wearer all day sun protection and it can even dry quickly after getting wet!  Coming from Bermuda, I know that having sun protection and water resistance is a must when venturing to the beach for the day.  This fabric makes the items both stylish  as well as functional for vacationing in island climates.

Everyday I’m continued to be amazed by all of the amazing projects and companies coming out of Bermuda.  Despite our island being a mere 21 square miles, it has given rise to so many talented and successful individuals!  Last summer, I had the opportunity to model part of Dana Cooper’s collection and was impressed by her deliberate choice to use Bermudian models and photographers.  Dana remarks on her choice to use Bermudian models, “I like to use Bermudian models as much as possible. They are accustomed to Bermuda and life on the island and so wearing and posing in my pieces is a natural fit”.  Dana Cooper may have started in Bermuda but her collection has reached a much wider audience of resort and beach goers.  Her collection has sold in stores such as Calypso St. Barts, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Ritz Carlton Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels.  If you’re from Bermuda, then don’t worry you can still find these pieces on island at A.S. Coopers, Coral Beach Club and Luxury Gifts at Rosewood Tuckers Point.  If you would prefer to shop online, then you can learn more about the company and shop here!

“I love Bermuda and want to have it featured in my line whenever I can. My pieces are Bermuda inspired, so it makes sense” – Dana Cooper


Bermudian Photographer: Todd Martin

Hurray for Coupons!

Okay so I’m an ambassador for a few companies that I absolutely love!  I want to support and promote products that I actually like and not because I’m told to.  That being said, anything I talk about is because I want to and anything I say is authentic.  A lot of people have asked me which companies I promote and have my own coupon codes for so I figured I would make a list!  When checking out, you can fill out my code to receive your discount!

Happy shopping!


Sand Cloud Towels


  • Turkish beach towels
  • Donates 10% of profits to protecting marine life
  • Code: ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order
  • Shop here



  • Beach branded clothes & accessories
  • Code: ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order
  • Shop here

Blue Planet Eyewear


  • Sunglasses made from eco-friendly & sustainable materials
  • For every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is given to someone in need
  • Code: ALAIRE20 for 20% off your order
  • Shop here

Teds Revival Oil

image1 (1).jpg

  • Organic oil for your hair
  • Donates 3% of profits to the Rain Forest Alliance
  • Code: ALAIRE10 for 10% off your order
  • Shop here

Lost At Sea Swimwear


  • Cute swimwear in tons of prints & colors
  • Donates 40% of profits to missions in the Dominican Republic
  • Code: ALAIRE15 for 15% off your order
  • Shop here


Who They Are

Shopping for the man in your life can be hard but if your man loves the water and the outdoors, then Bermies is the perfect gift!  Bermies is a new line of swimwear born in my hometown of Bermuda.  This brand is close to my heart since it pays tribute to the island of Bermuda and its beauty.  This line uses bright colors and patterns inspired by Bermuda’s beautiful waters and pink sand beaches.  They have a wide range of patterns including sharks, turtles, sailboats, and maps of Bermuda.  Their shorts are cut a bit shorter than the classic board short (available in two different lengths) for the confident man to show off.  They are flexible, breathable, and quick-drying.


The Bermies man is someone who loves adventure and lives life to the fullest.  Men have been seen wearing these awesome shorts all around the world from surfing in Bali to sailing in Bermuda.  If you want to follow their efforts and be a part of their community you can follow their Instagram account (@bermies) where customers from around the world are featured.


Sustainability & Giving Back

I really value environmental conservation and I spend lots of my time outdoors.  In particular, I think that the ocean’s worth is too often underestimated.  From a very young age I have been extremely interested in the ocean and have developed a passion for learning about it and wanting to protect it.  The awesome thing about Bermies is that they share that same passion for the ocean!  A big problem that faces our oceans is that plastic pollution and debris is being eaten by seabirds, whales, sea turtles, and other marine life.  In order to help our oceans, Bermies donates 10% of its profits to help clean up our oceans as well as protect marine life.  They work with The Ocean Cleanup, which is a Dutch non-profit organization whose efforts are focused towards reducing plastic pollution.  Bermies also works with Ocean Conservancy, which is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group that helps formulate ocean policy.


Learn more about them & check out their swimwear:  Bermies

Watch the video below to learn more about this awesome brand and if you want to pledge to help them kickstart the company, you can donate here: BermiesKickstarter  Depending how much you pledge, you can receive free merchandise or even get a pair of Bermies for as low as $25!

Novah Swimwear – A Bermuda Born Company

I was born in Bermuda and spend most of my time on or in the water.  Since I love the ocean and swimming, most of my fashion and shopping obsessions are bikinis.  My favorite swimwear line is by far Novah Swimwear and it helps that the line was born from the dream of Bermudian native, Madeline White.  Madeline draws her inspiration from countless days spent in Bermuda’s beautiful ocean and a love for the sea.  Novah Swimwear embodies the lifestyle of the carefree girl whose ideal life would be spent in a bikini traveling and exploring.  The company has built a strong following on social media, and girls from around the world are raving about their suits.  I love that, despite this popularity, Madeline stays true to her roots and often features models from Bermuda.


Rocking my Novah bikini in Galaxy print!

Their prints are so unique and the cut of their swimsuits are perfect for any adventurous activities.  The fabrics used are extremely high quality and I’ve noticed that my swimsuits have kept their color and shape throughout many uses.  What I love most about these swimsuits is how easy they are to mix and match.  A lot of their tops and bottoms have the same color options so you can choose a favorite color or pattern and then mix and match which styles you like best.

image1 (1)

Their sizing runs fairly true to size but you can size down if you’d like a more snug fit.  For reference, I am a 32C bust and wear pant size 25-26 inch.  I’ve found I like to wear an XS top and Small bottoms but can go either way between the two sizes.

Check them out here: Novah Swimwear

I love all of the great companies that are coming out of Bermuda and I also love when beautiful Bermudians are featured!  I’m excited to see what more is going to come out of our amazing island!