Visualizing Change with Blue Planet Eyewear

Visualizing Change with Blue Planet Eyewear

There seems to be a growing awareness among companies to focus on the ethics of their products.  Fashion is moving in a direction of maximising benefits to people and communities while minimising the impact on the environment.  More companies are creating items that focus on the environmental impact of the materials and ways to give back.image.JPG

I am authentic in brands that I support and I’m proud to be an ambassador for an amazing sunglasses company, Blue Planet Eyewear. Blue Planet Eyewear is an amazing example of a brand that embodies all the traits of ethical fashion. I’ve come to really admire the founders of this company for creating sunglasses that not only look good but do good for the Planet. Their designs are inspired by the beautiful planet and lifestyle. The color tones are inspired by nature and their surroundings.

According to founder, Connor Weinstein, “the most important elements are designing something that we would want to wear, making sure they are comfortable and lastly creating a unique personality for each style of glasses”. The main thing that drew me to this brand is that their glasses are made from sustainable materials. Recycled plastic and metals are used in their Eco Process line and natural bamboo, beechwood, and rosewood are featured in their other lines.

Another aspect that differentiates Blue Planet Eyewear is their commitment to give back to the community through their Visualize Change program.  It is estimated that 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide and that the right eyewear can prevent or cure approximately 80 percent of all visual impairment.  Blue Planet Eyewear partners with renowned humanitarian organisations to be able to donate a pair of glasses for every frame purchased.  Weinstein states, in a nutshell, I suppose the Visualize Change program can be summed up as, “to see change, you need to be the change,” similar to the Ghandi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I am excited to continue to be an ambassador for Blue Planet Eyewear and hope to share this amazing company with you as well!

You can shop their products by following this link and using my code ALAIRE20 to get 20% off your order!






How to Deal with Plastic in Bermuda

This post is something that means a lot to me and hopefully can be helpful.  Many  Bermudians realize that Bermuda does not recycle plastic.  When I’ve looked into this issue, I’ve gotten a range of responses saying it’s too expensive, we don’t have enough space on the island for a recycling plant or that burning plastic is actually better for our planet (umm?).  Regardless of the reason, it seems that we’re not going to implement a plastic recycling plan anytime soon so in the meantime it’s important to try to REDUCE our use of plastic.  I’m outlining some ideas of how to get Bermudians involved and aware about plastic consumption.

1.  Say NO to plastic bags

  • Many cities and towns in the United States have placed charges or outright banned plastic bags.  While this is not the case in Bermuda (yet??) consumers can do our own part to reduce15626572_1613080358999348_4280952232082670923_o.jpghow many plastic bags we use.  The best way to reduce your plastic bag usage is by bringing your own bag when you shop!  My favourite local company for reusable tote bags is Bermunitees – their merchandise will guarantee to make you proud to be Bermudian!  To make it even better, some of their proceeds go towards local charities.


2.  Support local ‘green’ businesses 

  • There are quite a few businesses and companies that have taken the initiative to ‘go green’ and make the effort to provide eco services that the consumer can feel good about!  Nonna’s Kitchen encourages people to reuse bags by charging a small fee for single-use bags provided by the restaurant.  Nonna’s Kitchen is the first business in Bermuda to adopt this initiative!  The money from the bag charge will be used to plant endemic trees in Bermuda’s nature reserves.  Rock Island Coffee also offers a discount for anyone that orders coffee or tea and brings their own reusable coffee cup.  Take the initiative to find out what sort of green efforts your favourite local companies are making and encourage them to become more eco-friendly!

3.   Say NO to plastic straws

  • Oh man I can’t even handle how bad and wasteful plastic straws are.  While plastic bags are bad, there is sometimes hope that people may reuse them but plastic straws are almost never reused (it’s practically impossible/ unhygienicProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetto do so).  You can either avoid using straws all together or if you’re like me and you feel your drink just tastes that much better out of a straw, you can bring your own!  Luckily there’s companies out there that sell reusable straws!  This one is a little harder to get into the habit of but once you’re used to it, it’s super easy to remember and make an impact.  Salt and Cedar sells glass reusable straws (the one pictured here) and they can be delivered anywhere on the island!

4.  Reuse your take-out containers

  • So this is one I’ve gotten a few weird looks for but it’s definitely worth it and people are starting to catch on!  Instead of throwing out your plastic containers, wash them out and bring them back to put your next take-out meal in them.  You can also use them for leftovers at home instead of buying new containers.

5. Buy a reusable water bottle

  • One of the best ways to reduce plastic use is by not using disposable bottled water.  Water is a life source so why are we even paying for it in the first place??  Tap water in Bermuda is perfectly safe to drink since we’ve perfected the system of catching fresh water on our rooftops.  Instead of buying bottled water, you can buy reusable bottles and refill them.  There’s a few stores in Bermuda that sell reusable water bottles that are not only good for the environment but look good too!  There’s a couple great places on the island to get reusable water bottles.  ESC Limited sells Corksicle Bottles and Atelerie sells S’well Bottles – I have to admit I can’t decide which is better so I own both in different sizes!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


I hope this list helps Bermudians to change some habits and reduce their use of plastic!  If any readers know of or are involved in any eco-friendly or plastic-reducing initiatives please comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear!



New Novah!

As anyone that follows me on any sort of social media would know – I’m obsessed with NOVAH Swimwear!  The swimwear line is born out of Bermuda by designer, Madeline White.  This is why I’m so excited that NOVAH has come out with a new line!  The first pieces of the collection just became available to preorder!


Bermudian Model: Yuki Hoshina

I was able to try on some of the pieces from the new collection and I have to say that per usual – they are amazing.  In keeping with NOVAH style they are made from an amazing fabric that is supportive yet comfortable for any activity.  The bathing suits are made from an Italian Lycra that is chlorine and UV resistant and has excellent shape retention.  The quality is apparent in the swimsuits from the last collections, mine still look as good as new.  The prints range from solid colors to be staples in your closet to exotic designs that will catch your eye.

The styles and colours reflect who I feel a NOVAH girl is, and what she loves and what she does in her swim. You will see a lot of sporty styles, and luxe basics that allow you to look amazing and sexy and feminine whilst you swim, surf, cliff jump, paddle board, sunbathe, whatever you want. NOVAH has always been designed around outgoing, vivacious women who want to look great while they have fun. – Madeline White (Designer)

In fitting with NOVAH style, Madeline White strives to use Bermudian models and promote the brand as being Bermudian.  She states that, “NOVAH is a Bermudian brand and thats what I am proud of and thats what I want to show the world, so being able to use so many different Bermudian models is fantastic”.

I’m so excited about the pieces in this new collection.  The colors and designs are beautiful as always and definitely do not disappoint.  Can’t wait to start rocking these new suits!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bermudian Models: Alaire Davis, Samantha Blakemore, Yuki Hoshina 

Unwind at Uncorked


Photos courtesy of BermyNet

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Uncorked at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.  When hearing about the event I basically heard wine tasting and was immediately on board.  I went to Uncorked and had an amazing time.  Not only was it a night to try some new wines, but there were also fun games to play for a chance to win prizes.  Some of the these included cute wine glasses, cork stoppers, fitness classes, and hats.  My luck per usual wasn’t very great but I did manage to score some good prizes.

There were tables with various wines and proseccos on them to sample.  Guests were provided with a pamphlet to keep track of the wines they were tasting and I have to say it helped me keep track of some new favorites.  In addition to some great wines I was able to sample some yummy sweets from Nea Pantry’s Sweet and Kind Vegan Bakery.  I never knew vegan could taste so amazing!


One of the best parts of the event was that it gave back to a good cause!  The money put into the games and raffles went as a donation to the Chewstick Foundation.  For those that don’t know, Chewstick was a location on Front Street where artists, performers, storytellers, and more could gather and express themselves through shows, performances, etc.  The Chewstick Foundation is a non-profit cultural arts movement in Bermuda. They are self described as “dedicated to breaking down social barriers, providing opportunities for storytellers of every medium and committed to being a part of the solution; we use creative programmes, events and initiatives to empower the individual and enrich the community. Chewstick is the frontline of change; attracting the most diverse, inclusive and exciting audience and participants to be found. Support the vibes! respect. freedom. love. truth”.  Recently the building fell victim to a devastating fire and Chewstick had to close.  All of their efforts and fundraising are being put towards rebuilding.


I think events like this are an amazing way for people in Bermuda to gather and broaden their horizons by doing something a bit out of the ordinary and I love that the community has come together to support rebuilding Chewstick!  Looking for more to come!



Paddling Around Bermuda

It’s August and the heat in Bermuda is in full force right now.  I’m always trying to get in or on the water whenever I have a spare chance.  When I moved back to Bermuda I realized that paddle boarding was becoming more and more popular.  At first I figured I already have way too many hippy activities and it would be best not to add another – can always add more.

So I tried out paddle boarding for the first time in a while and I absolutely love it.  It’s an amazing way to see the island and provide a unique perspective on it’s beauty.  I saved some money and got myself an inflatable SUP board by Caribe Sup.  They are an amazing brand with beautiful inflatable boards.  Of course I fell in love with the bright pink color and am now a proud owner of a hot pink board.  If you want to try out paddle boarding, then I would highly recommend going to SurfSup Bermuda.  It’s located at Daniel’s Head Beach in Somerset and is home to abandoned beach huts that were once part of a hotel.  The huts provide a cool backdrop and are an interesting place to explore.  You can rent paddle boards (along with snorkel equipment, kite boards and other things).  The cove is tucked away so it’s usually calm, which makes for great conditions to try out paddle boarding.  There’s a beautiful bay where young turtles like to explore and if you paddle around you can usually see them pop their heads out of the water.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Hopefully this gives some information to those of you who are interested in a new on-water activity and you can check it out!  Here is a link to the TripAdvisor page for SurfSup:  SurfSup Bermuda

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


Happy paddling!


You’re My (Cyano)type

I love art and I’m always experimenting with new art processes and materials.  Recently I’ve gotten really into something called cyanotype printing.  It’s a really cool and unusual process that creates beautiful blue images.  Here are a few of the ocean-themed works that I’ve produced recently:

Okay so a bit about the process:

  1. Take an awesome photo (I love the water so it makes sense that most all of mine are water-related!).
  2. Import the photo into your computer and open it in photoshop.
  3. Convert the photo into an inverted black and white picture and print it on negative paper.
  4. Now you need paper that’s treated with cyanotype.  There’s a couple of ways to do this: you can either buy pre-treated paper online or you can treat the paper yourself.  I use untreated watercolor paper and coat the paper with the cyanotype mixture (a combination of ammonium iron and potassium ferricyanide).
  5. Make sure whichever paper you use does not come in contact with any sunlight until it’s ready to be exposed in the sun!
  6. Lay your negative on top of your paper and bring it outside into the sunshine to expose it.  Leave it outside for around 10 minutes.
  7. Bring the paper inside and rinse it off.  The goal is to wash off any unexposed cyanotype treatment.
  8. Let it dry and you have your print!

So it all sounds sort of simple right?  Well maybe not that simple..and it definitely takes a lot of trial and error!  I think I went through around 20 pieces of paper just to get four images that were coated and exposed correctly.  Even though it’s a time (and money!) consuming process, I love the results!

Because I love this process so much and the images that come out of it I’ve decided to sell some of my artwork!  Some of my prints are currently available at a local favorite, ESC Limited, in Bermuda.  ESC Limited has a home division called Escape with an amazing mixture of island inspired and trendy home goods.  I’m honored to have my work featured in such a great store.  If anyone wants to check out some of my cyanotype prints, they are located at ESC on 4 Mill Creek Road.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg




Spring Essentials

I can’t believe it’s already April!  I spent the day tanning outside with my roommates and enjoying the warm weather.  I decided now that it’s starting to get so nice out to put together a list of my spring-must-haves.  Whether I’m on spring break, tanning outside, or just enjoying the changing seasons – these are all my essentials!


Here’s the breakdown of everything on my must-have list:


IMG_7056Lost At Sea Swimwear: I love this brand and they donate 40% of their profits to missions in the Dominican Republic to help provide clean water, nutrition & more.  These bright colors are great for the summer and their suits come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.  You can use my code ALAIRE15 for 15% off!



IMG_8589 (1)Novah Swimwear: Novah is a Bermudian brand and they make amazing swimsuits.  All of their suits come in great patterns and colors and they’re all so comfortable.  The material is really great and durable, I would definitely recommend their swimsuits to last through the summers!



Clothes & Shoes:

il_fullxfull.471796659_7qc3.jpgHigh wasted jean shorts: This is an absolute staple of mine!  I love having a pair on hand since they’re comfortable, durable, and go with everything.  I bought the pair in my original picture from a second-hand store, which is where I would definitely recommend getting a pair from!  Mine have studs on the pockets which is super easy to do yourself and adds a bit of edge to the shorts.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.28.18 PM (1)

Sabo Skirt Crop Top:  Now that it’s time to show a bit more skin, that means it’s time to break out the crop tops!  I love this one from Australian company, Sabo Skirt.  Their clothes are so cute, I don’t think there’s anything on their website I don’t like!




tumblr_o2ynkzYKKb1txbppfo1_500Lace Bralette: Lace bralettes are so handy!  They are so much more comfortable than a regular bra and way cuter.  I think they’re great for spring and summer because you can wear them under any tanks!  I buy mine from Urban Outfitters because they’re not badly priced ($20) and have a soft lining on the inside to make them even more comfortable!




Sandals: Spring and summer calls for letting your feet out of hiding and wearing some open toed shoes.  I love to have a comfy pair of sandals that don’t require any straps.  I actually bought these from Target and I was surprised by how cute, comfortable, and durable they are!  I love them so much that I have them in gold and black!




Gigi New York Clutch: Spring calls for bright pops of color and Gigi New York makes beautiful bags in a range of colors.  I love having bringing my clutch everywhere I go, especially since I don’t usually wear color.  It can be dressed up and taken on a night out or thrown into a beach bag!


Sand Cloud Towel:  Everyone needs a towel to lay on if they’re outside tanning or going to the beach.  My favorite company is Sand Cloud, a turkish towel company that donates 10% of their profits to helping marine life.  You can use my code ALAIRE25 for 25% off your order!

Hair Care:

41WCNQBxpML._SY355_One n Only Argan Oil Thermal Spray:  Now that the sun is shining and more time can be spent outside, your hair will be exposed to the suns damaging rays more.  It’s important to protect your hair from the sun to avoid any harm or breakage.  I love argan oil for my hair so when I saw that One n Only made an organ oil thermal spray to protect hair from heat I was so excited!


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.01.55 PM (1).jpgTeds Revival Oil:  Teds Revival Oil is made of all natural and organic ingredients that are great for your hair.  It protects hair from UV rays as well as repairs already damaged hair.  What’s even better is that they donate 3% of the proceeds from every bottle sold to the Rainforest Alliance.  You can use my code ALAIRE10 for 10% off!



Hope you enjoy all my spring must-haves!  Comment any questions or some of your spring must-haves, I’d love to hear them!