Art & Photography

Cyanotype Prints

Here is a collection of my cyanotype prints.  Each piece is unique and no two will ever be the same (as much as I may try sometimes!).  All prints are 6 x 6″ and are currently $65 a piece with frame included.  If anyone is interested in purchasing without a frame, they are $55 a piece.  Some of my prints are available for sale at ESC on 4 Mill Creek Road or you can contact me directly to view/purchase any prints.

Contact: or 441 – 707 -4822


Digital Images


Video Piece: ‘How Did I GetD Here’

For my final Digital Art 2 project I combined the unique sounds of Odesza with dreamlike scenes.  I stuck to imagery of water because the feeling of being underwater almost transforms you into a new reality, which is the feeling I wanted to convey with this piece.  I chose to make it black and white to create more unity within the varied aspects of the water.  The darkened hue gives a sense of confusion and the feeling of not quite having full understanding, which is a similar feeling both when dreaming and being underwater.