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Hi welcome to my blog!  I’m 23 years old and from the beautiful island Bermuda, which is where

my love for the water came from.  Even though I love island life I picked up a fewcity habits from living in Manhattan such as my obsession with wearing black.  I tried out the mountains in Colorado for university where Istudied environmental s

tudies and studio art.  As much as I love the mountains I just can’t be away from the ocean so I’m back living in Bermuda and spending most all of my free time on the water.

This blog focuses on my love for the water and living life outdoors: the ocean, art, photography, bathing suits, marine life, palm trees & spirituality to name a few of my favorite things.  I love to try new things so it’s very likely you’ll find reviews of new products and brands.  My weaknesses are bikinis, sunglasses, and organic hair masks since I spend a lot of my time in salt water.  I try to live an environmentally conscious life so I’m especially drawn to companies that give back to the environment or use sustainable materials.  I love to promote sustainable consumerism!


Waterlust ~ An irrepressible desire or compulsion to be in or near the water


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