Unwind at Uncorked


Photos courtesy of BermyNet

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend Uncorked at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.  When hearing about the event I basically heard wine tasting and was immediately on board.  I went to Uncorked and had an amazing time.  Not only was it a night to try some new wines, but there were also fun games to play for a chance to win prizes.  Some of the these included cute wine glasses, cork stoppers, fitness classes, and hats.  My luck per usual wasn’t very great but I did manage to score some good prizes.

There were tables with various wines and proseccos on them to sample.  Guests were provided with a pamphlet to keep track of the wines they were tasting and I have to say it helped me keep track of some new favorites.  In addition to some great wines I was able to sample some yummy sweets from Nea Pantry’s Sweet and Kind Vegan Bakery.  I never knew vegan could taste so amazing!


One of the best parts of the event was that it gave back to a good cause!  The money put into the games and raffles went as a donation to the Chewstick Foundation.  For those that don’t know, Chewstick was a location on Front Street where artists, performers, storytellers, and more could gather and express themselves through shows, performances, etc.  The Chewstick Foundation is a non-profit cultural arts movement in Bermuda. They are self described as “dedicated to breaking down social barriers, providing opportunities for storytellers of every medium and committed to being a part of the solution; we use creative programmes, events and initiatives to empower the individual and enrich the community. Chewstick is the frontline of change; attracting the most diverse, inclusive and exciting audience and participants to be found. Support the vibes! respect. freedom. love. truth”.  Recently the building fell victim to a devastating fire and Chewstick had to close.  All of their efforts and fundraising are being put towards rebuilding.


I think events like this are an amazing way for people in Bermuda to gather and broaden their horizons by doing something a bit out of the ordinary and I love that the community has come together to support rebuilding Chewstick!  Looking for more to come!




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