Dana Cooper – Bermudaful Beachwear


Bermudian Model: Sara Fitzsimmons

Bermuda is covered in exotic flowers and surrounded by gorgeous waters and blue skies; it’s no surprise where the term ‘Bermudaful’ comes from!  It’s an amazing place to draw inspiration from, which is exactly how Dana Cooper formed the pieces in her collection!  Dana Cooper was born and raised in Bermuda and creates chic and luxurious resort wear.  Her prints feature tropical imagery such as hibiscus flowers and vibrant colors.  Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or enjoying an amazing view over brunch, Dana Cooper is the luxurious resort wear that you need. With a background in illustration, Dana began her collection by seeing how her illustrations could translate onto fabrics.  Dana remarks of her initial design process and drawing inspiration from Bermuda’s scenery, “Thinking of a simple design, on a light cotton fabric that would be worn on the beach, I thought immediately of Bermuda.  My mind went to the beaches back home, the t12697405_942015015887033_2828873476375901418_o.jpgurquoise waters that surround Bermuda and Bay Grape Trees along the South Shore. I wanted to create bold shapes”.  Dana Cooper has used a mixture of luxurious fabrics, light enough for use on the beach.  She has previously used silks, chiffons, and cottons.  Currently, Dana is focusing on designing on an SPF +50 fabric.  This fabric is amazing because it allows the wearer all day sun protection and it can even dry quickly after getting wet!  Coming from Bermuda, I know that having sun protection and water resistance is a must when venturing to the beach for the day.  This fabric makes the items both stylish  as well as functional for vacationing in island climates.

Everyday I’m continued to be amazed by all of the amazing projects and companies coming out of Bermuda.  Despite our island being a mere 21 square miles, it has given rise to so many talented and successful individuals!  Last summer, I had the opportunity to model part of Dana Cooper’s collection and was impressed by her deliberate choice to use Bermudian models and photographers.  Dana remarks on her choice to use Bermudian models, “I like to use Bermudian models as much as possible. They are accustomed to Bermuda and life on the island and so wearing and posing in my pieces is a natural fit”.  Dana Cooper may have started in Bermuda but her collection has reached a much wider audience of resort and beach goers.  Her collection has sold in stores such as Calypso St. Barts, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Ritz Carlton Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels.  If you’re from Bermuda, then don’t worry you can still find these pieces on island at A.S. Coopers, Coral Beach Club and Luxury Gifts at Rosewood Tuckers Point.  If you would prefer to shop online, then you can learn more about the company and shop here!

“I love Bermuda and want to have it featured in my line whenever I can. My pieces are Bermuda inspired, so it makes sense” – Dana Cooper


Bermudian Photographer: Todd Martin


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