Doodles for the Sea Contest & My Custom Doodle

So one of my favorite humans, Gabs Dormio (also known as the Instagram account Doodles for the Sea) is hosting a contest for an amazing cause. She is so talented and creates custom doodles on top of images, which are absolutely beautiful!

The contest is to win a Samsung Red WB1100F Camera.  The first 25 people to purchase a custom doodle for the low price of $10 will be entered to win the camera!  What’s even better is that all of the money gets donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.  To enter, go to her website ChildoftheSea and purchase a custom doodle; just use the code CONTEST when you check out!  Hurry there aren’t that many spots left!  Good luck to anyone who enters (but not too much luck because I really want to win haha)!

Here’s the one she made for me, which is so rad.  I love this photo I think it shows how truly happy I am when I’m in the water and her drawing just made it so much better!



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