Doodles for the Sea

I am officially obsessed with Gabs Dormio and her site Doodles for the Sea.  She is an environmentalist and artist who combines her two loves to create custom made doodles hand-drawn on photoshop over beach/island/ocean themed images.  You can choose which image you want her to doodle over and pay $10 and send the money and picture to her so she can make a rad design.  This all sounds cool right?  Well it gets even better: ALL the proceeds are donated to Wildlife Conservation Society; an organization that uses science to protect and save wildlife & wild lands throughout our world.  This girl has some seriously good vibes.

Stay posted!  I’lll write a follow-up post after I send in an image to be doodled on!

Here is the link to her blog where you can learn more about her and her work & purchase a doodle:

Child of the Sea



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